Monday, 16 April 2012

Kids Delight ~~ Fruits

Making kids eat fruits can be real tricky job. I remember my time, Mum used to run around for those slices of Apples and guava. The only fruits I loved were Mango and Melons. Other than that, nada.. Surprisingly, now I love almost all the fruits. So, may be its just the childhood when your likes and dislikes keep on changing. I have no kids yet, hence I cant understand how much of work it must be to relive that scene playing your part of being a mother. So, when Srivalli asked me my choice of theme for the Kids Delight challenge for this month, ‘’Fruits’’ was the first one to come up in my mind. I may be trying to get on my toes for the future ahead or its just my curiosity, I want to try and see some better recipes with fruits.

Send in your entries for the event, with any fruit in it. Bake or cook, your choice. Link your favourite or your kids' :) hmm.. now thats a dilemna .. Here are the general rules of the event:
  • The date of sending your posts is from 16th April – 15thMay 2012.
  • You can make any course and method of cooking. So main courses, appetizers, cakes, puddings, desserts, smoothies.. everything is welcome. I would appreciate if you go ahead and try something unusual to tickle your imagination and taste buds.
  • Multiple entries, archived entries all are invited. No boundaries on this.
  • Linking back to this page and Srivalli’s Kids Delight announcement page is mandatory.
  • Usage of logo is optional but appreciable.
  • Non bloggers can also participate, please send in your entries at the following format:
  • Your Name:
  • Blog Name:
  • Recipe:
  • URL:
  • Picture not exceeding 400 pixels.
  • Only Vegetarian recipes are permitted, usage of eggs is allowed both in baking and otherwise.

I have arranged this linky tool here for your convinience, but I shall post a proper roundup later when its done along with the pics. For any questions, please mail me at


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