Friday, 24 February 2012

''For You , Mum ''

I remember those times when I used to come home soaking wet in the rain and the last thing I heard from Mum was a caution to keep the home clean. The first things used to be tea and towel, and then when I was all dry and set, then a little word of caution for next time. But I kept on doing the same for many years and Mum was still the same in all those years.

I remember all those times when I demanded a quick dessert after dinner and Mum made it for me. Despite of all her weariness and back aches she let me had what I craved for. Sometimes she used to give me her share of food saying that ‘’If children are full, Mom is full too’’  although later had dry Chapathi or bread since rest of it was finished by me.  

I remember all those times when I got angry on her ( uselessly !  ) and threw tantrums, she pampered me, comforted me and got me my favourite things to keep me happy.

Well, I remember many more things and am sure so do you. To celebrate and cherish the same eternal Love of our Mothers, I thought of starting this event:                                                                                  For you, ‘Mum ‘

You just have to cook and dedicate that recipe to your Mother. You can cook the dish she loves most, the dish she used to prepare for you most of the times, the dish which you loves when she prepares it, the dish which is her Signature Dish or just the recipe which reminds you of her. The memories are endless and so do the options. Since it’s an emotional bond, I would not stress on Rules so much. But it being an event, here are some guidelines for you to follow
  • Cook any recipe from today till 31st  March and link it to this event page, logo usage is mandatory this time, since I have created it with lot of feelings.
  • Only vegetarian entries are allowed including Eggs ( in baking and cooking both )
  • In the write up, it is essential to describe in a line or two how and why you are dedicating this recipe to your Mom. If the recipe is nowhere linked to your Mom, it will NOT be accepted ( And I am sorry for that, but since this event has a special theme , I would appreciate if you respect it )
  • You can send archived entries too, but you will have to amend it according to the theme, add few lines on your Mom and then repost it on the same date. C’mon its not that much of a work ladies, do it for your Mom please :)
  • Non- bloggers can also participate, please send me your recipes in the following format at the email address and I will post it:
                      Pic (not exceeding 400 Pixels )

You can cook from any cuisine, any course and as I said earlier it could be dedicated to your Mother in many ways, but please mention that in the post. Just remember, this is an event for Mums and you cannot submit recipes you cook for your kids :)

Last but not the least, to all of you ‘’Happy Mother’s Day’’. Celebrate the love with your Mom and Kids, be happy always..


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