Monday, 6 February 2012

Almond Ginger Macaroon : Gluten Free

So, I have finally joined Gym today. First time ever in my life have I entered any Gym and it felt .. err .. awkward is the word actually. I found myself unable to populate with these super fit people running around working their lungs out. Huff !! I was already tired with the sight of it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I have never exercised in my life, but that was not in a gym. I have practised Yoga and Pilates for quite long time but that was different than this. I was embarrassed till death to realise that I had forgotten to take my shoes and walked bare feet inside. I am such a na├»ve sometimes. I was just given an induction then and the time was utilised for a health check-up later, just to be announced that I am fit to exercise in the lavishly ornamented Gym of theirs.

Conferring the health issues are difficult sometimes. And when you are a Food Blogger, its a never ending quest of resisting your homemade delicious and tempting and mouth-watering.. OK OK ... I got it , no more enticement :) I know you all feel the same , making new resolutions of not indulging in these goodies but its a difficult task. And to top it more, here is a recipe which is sure to impair your Diet plans. Almond and Ginger Macaroons...

These little bites are crunchy from outside and soft from inside. When I was reading the recipe, I was a bit confused since I had never tasted this variety of Macaroons in my life. I have tried recipes with Almond flour before but something that doesnt include a bite of any other flour was challenging bit for me. Plus they seemed to be so delicate, I was terrified to break it. But the final result was amazing, the macaroons were light and fluffy from inside , crispy from outside.. Just heavenly !! hmm.. here is another recipe to wreck your Diet plans my dear.. :)

Although the recipe called for stem ginger, I used fresh grated Ginger. Also I added coconut on my own which worked really well with the gingery taste. You can go ahead and add or minus your ingredients. I coated them with a little honey as well for that extra glaze.

1 cup ground Almonds
1/2 cup grated Coconut , dessicated or frozen
1/2 cup ginger, grated ( I used less, but then realised you could go for this much amount )
1/2 cup Sugar ( I used more, but the macaroons were too sugary then)
2 medium Egg whites
1/2 cup flaked almonds
A dash of Icing Sugar to dust on top ( Optional )

Whisk Egg whites till fluffy, it took me around 7 minutes to attain a consistent mix.
Pour in all other ingredients and combine just well untill even.
Roll into tablespoons sized balls with wet hands since the dough must be very sticky.

Grease a baking dish and place the balls at even distances. Bake the macaroons at 180 dgres for 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and dust with Icing Sugar while still warm.
Leave on rack to cool for 5-6 minutes, I enjoyed them while still warm..

yum yum yummy !!

Specially made for Kalyani's Magic Mingle - Ginger and Almonds, Love Lock with Sweets by Vidhya and Killer on the plate, Teena's Valentine Day event, Vardhini's Sweet Luv, Radhika's Sweet Somethings, Anzz Valentine's Day, Kalyani's Serve with Love, Srav's Dish for Loved , Raven's Cook Eat Delicious hosted by Claire's Herb and Spices



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